“The heart is the center from which everything springs. There is nothing apart from it.” Ramana Maharshi

Center Heart© is a not-for-profit organization founded in Princeton, New Jersey.  Since 2001, the mission of Center Heart has been to foster the spiritual experiences that encourage a deeper understanding of our profound inter-connection.  Welcoming individuals and families from all spiritual traditions, Center Heart operates on the belief that the one Essence has not only been the foundation at the root of all religion but also that the one Essence is truly all that is.  The Credo that is the seed of the Center Heart movement is There is but One.

Providing a unique opportunity for people of all cultural and religious backgrounds to come together for meditation, study, movement classes and healing, enlivened by community gatherings and retreats, Center Heart supports participants to develop their personal direct knowing of the Self and the mystical non-dual nature of reality.

At the heart of our offerings is the Center Heart Meditation.  This practice, sitting in silent meditation and then bearing witness to the unique expression of the Divine as manifested through the individuals present, creates not only a community that embodies an intimate understanding of the many forms and manifestations of Oneness, but a peace-filled community that is envisioning a world that has dissolved in the most profound sense any illusion of separation.  It is with this deep connection that a new paradigm of mutual understanding and respect can begin to emerge; a paradigm that functions through cooperation between, and co-creation with, all aspects of Humankind, Nature and Spirit.

If you would like to participate in or receive more information about this developing spiritual movement, or would like to offer your support in any way, please contact Patricia Weimer, Founder and Director at:  circles@centerheart.org