A Credo

What is a Credo?  I think that it is one’s personal answer to the question: To what do you give your heart?  Writing a Credo allows you to feel into your own truth, your own knowing.  By sitting in silence and just listening your Credo will reveal itself.  This Credo appeared to me around the time of the beginning of Center Heart, in 2001.     Patricia 


In my heart I know

There is but One

The divine essence of all that is


Like waves on the surface of the ocean

All that exists

Arises from, and subsides into

That essence


In my heart I know

That all beings

Are equally, and simultaneously

The divine experience

And that all creative inspiration

Is the expression of the Divine

Through time and space


In my heart I know

That when I look into the eyes of another being

I return to the essence from which all things arise

And that by abiding in that essence

I will witness transformation

In the manifest world