A Center Heart® Circle – Form

The Form of the Center Heart® Non-dual Circle

 A Center Heart Circle follows a form of practice based on the non-dual principle, There is but One.  All of the activities at Center Heart are in alignment with this understanding. The most significant experience of this is during the meditation circle, when we open our eyes after the silent meditation and recognize ourselves in each other.  This is a deep spiritual practice, one that, as we learn to maintain this understanding, can be taken out into our personal interactions in the world.  The most profound mission of Center Heart can be seen through this non-dual practice of seeing the Self as every being and every thing.

The Center Heart Meditation has 3 parts to it:  A short chant intended to open the body through vibration, a silent contemplative style meditation intended to allow each of us to move into an understanding of Oneness, and Voicing Spirit allowing us to practice maintaining our non-dual understanding as we move out of the silence.

The community sits in a circle.  After the chant and subsequent silence a soft bell will ring, and from that place of deep connection we open our eyes to bear witness to the many manifestations of the divine Oneness as expressed through the individuals present.  Words arise as members of the community feel called to speak.  It is understood that the words that come forth from this profound alignment are perfect for the community members who are present, for we see in each other our own Divine Self.  A space is provided for contemplation after each person speaks.

Guidelines for Voicing Spirit:

▪   Leave space before speaking

▪   Notice your intention

▪   Share insights from personal experience

▪   Avoid intellectual discussion

▪   Speak to the entire circle

Each of us participating in the circle has a responsibility to maintain the Oneness that we found in the Silence, putting the experience of the group above our own desire to be heard.  Maintaining the sacredness of the practice is a responsibility that we all must share.  The most profound gifts that we receive will be found in the silence between the individual offerings.  We can ask ourselves why was I meant to hear what was said.  What aspect of myself does the speaker represent?  Why do I feel contracted, hurt, sad, joyful?  What is the blessing I am meant to receive by being in the circle today to hear this?  For truly there is no “other,” for There is but One.  Eventually this practice can become a way of life.

Following the Circle all are invited to stay for tea.  This is an important part of our community experience as it allows time to connect personally with the other members of the circle.