Bhagwani’s Offerings

 Healing the Inner Child Workshop

with Bhagwani

Friday, July 6th  7 – 10pm,  Saturday & Sunday   9am – 6pm

$225 for full workshop, $200 if you register before July 1st

$25 for Friday only

Please contact Patricia to register at 609-921-2809

In the modern society, the word “grown up” or “adult” became synonymous with the word “serious”.  Often this seriousness cuts us off from the mystery and wonder of life.  We grow old but we do not grow wise.

The Inner Child work brings healing from the “disease of seriousness” and brings mind back to the service of the heart.  When we connect and give space to the inner child in us, to the energy free of conditioning and upbringing, we rediscover the joy of being.  By healing the wounds and traumas of the past, we open up to the freshness and grace of the present moment.

“Three things are striking about the inner child work:  the speed with which people change when they do this work; the depth of that change; and the power and creativity that result when the wounds from the past are healed”, John Bradshaw, renowned author and inner child specialist.

Bhagwani was born in the Polar Circle but is in love with the warm sun… She is learning from the peaceful warriors, from the masters and from all the experiences that life brings. Her heart is her guide like a Northern star in the night sky. Her love is to share what she learned with others. In this sharing she feels no separation, the healing and opening in the other brings healing and opening to her.

Born in Russia, Bhagwani holds a Masters degree in Public Administration from Rutgers University, USA. She opened her first book of Osho in 2006 and it was a life-changing event that took her to Pune, India.

She studied various styles of bodywork and energy work such as Rebalancing, Thai Yoga Massage, Energy reading, Subtle Bodies Healing, and Reiki. She is also a certified Childhood Deconditioning® (10 sessions) and Primal therapist, and a certified Power Vinyasa Yoga teacher.

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 Free Introduction


Gabrielle Roth 5Rhythms™ Ecstatic Dance Class


Nancy Genatt

Saturday, July14th from 7:00 – 8:30pm.  

Please come dance with us!

Bring your friends!

(Registration is not required)

The 5Rhythms™ is a simple but powerful moving meditation practice.

The creator, Gabrielle Roth, has been evolving the 5Rhythms practice over a 40 year span of observation and investigation of the dynamic relationship between mind-body-spirit when the body is put in motion.  When we put the body in motion, the mind is stilled and deep meditation follows naturally.

In these self-paced classes, we will explore the basic elements of the 5 rhythms through guided exercises and self-exploratory movement. These five rhythms are states of being and patterns of energy that underly all aspects of life:

Flowing as it connects us to our bodies;

Staccato bringing us into clarity and focus;

Chaos to release us from the thoughts that limit us;

Expansion into the lightness of lyrical;

and, finally, the peace of Stillness that connects us to our source.

Moving through these rhythms in sequence is referred to as a “wave”.  Each wave brings us into the meditative stillness that is an antidote to today’s chaotic world.  By allowing each body to move in its own authentic way, we uncover and break conditioned patterns that prevent us from being completely free.  There are no steps to learn and there is no way to do it wrong; every body has access to its own creative brilliance.

More information about the 5Rhythms can be found at

More information about Nancy can be found under the Movement heading on our site.