3 Styles of Bodywork with Bhagwani – available until July 15th only!

Open Session

The open session helps to bring clarity and understanding to your life situation or to a specific issue.  In the session we use a variety of methods: Primal Therapy, Zen Counseling, Gestalt, Energy Reading, Awareness of Emotions, Voice and Body Expression and others.  The methods of work are selected depending on the situation and the moment.  The issues that you bring to the session can range from your personal and work relationships to your attitude towards life and yourself.  During the session, the space is created to see through the ideas and beliefs of the conditioned mind.  As we settle in the silence of our hearts, the solutions to the problems that seemed impossible to resolve emerge on their own.    –Bhagwani

$85 for an hour, or $125 for 90 minutes

Please contact Patricia to schedule a session:  609-921-2809


Transformative Bodywork

This form of therapeutic bodywork originates from Rolfing® and Core Integration.  It is a unique synthesis of connective tissue manipulation, joint release, trauma healing, elements of energy work, and assisted stretches.  It helps the body to let go of tensions, pain, and old patterns and to rediscover its natural balane and energy flow.

Connective tissue (fascia, ligaments, and tendons that hold our bodies together) contracts and holds the memory of traumatic experiences in our lives.  As we start working deep with the body, the old memories and emotional holdings get released creating space for new energy and aliveness.  Through loving, skillful touch with soft fingertips to strong deep strokes with the elbow and knuckles, Transformative Bodywork softens chronic tensions, separates glued fascia, creates space and mobility in the body.  Hense the body structure comes back to a new and natural balance.  Blocked energies can be freed which is experienced as a feeling of lightness and security and can express itself as more joy of life.  The body and mind become more free and alive.  Many people describe the feeling after session as being newly born.  It can be offered as a series of 10 sessions, where we work deep with every part of the body, or as an individual session tailored specifically to the needs of the client in the moment of the session.    –Bhagwani

$85 for an hour, or $125 for 90 minutes

Please contact Patricia to schedule a session:  609-921-2809


Childhood Deconditioning

This 10 session process is an incredible journey back into childhood to heal any traumas and conditionings originating in the past that prevent us from living life to its fullest.  By recognizing the internalized voices of parents, teachers and society as a whole, we are able to become aware and transform the patterns that affect our adult life i a negative way.  Using such methods as Gestalt, Regression, Rebirthing, Neo Reichian Bodywork, and Voice and Body Expression, this process works deep with the conscious and unconscious mind to bring understanding, healing, and liberation from the old, useless patterns and beliefs.    –Bhagwani

Please contact Patricia to schedule and get the price: 609-921-2809


Bhagwani is also offering a weekend workshop on Healing the Inner Child,  July 6-8,  more details can be found under Special Events.