Tabla and Dance Performance

Tuesday, August 28th, 7-9pm

 Very Special Tabla and Dance Performance by 

The Taalika Tabla Ensemble and Kathak Dancer Jin Won

Taalika: All-female percussion-ensemble

The tabla is the main percussion instrument of India and is primarily a male-dominated instrument.   The number of professional female tabla players in the world can be counted on one hand!   Taalika is the world’s only all-female tabla-ensemble.   Taalika is a high-energy percussion performance which is composed and directed by renown Indian music maestro Pandit Divyang Vakil.
Kathak Dancer Jin Won 

Acclaimed kathak dancer/teacher Jin Won is a native of Seoul, Korea, and for the past 15 years, a resident of India.  She is a graceful performer whose dance recitals incorporate both traditional and contemporary forms of kathak. With her dual training in classical dance and tabla, her understanding of rhythm adds depth to her dance performance.  Her chakars (spins) enthrall audiences and her padhant (oral recitation) leaves people in awe of the ease with which she recites such complex and foreign words.

Here is a bit about kathak dancer, Jin Won: